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  • 工业风扇在车间中的空气置换作用
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With the industrialization reform and the emphasis on environmental protection, People's working environment requirements in the workshop have been gradually improved, especially the air quality and temperature in the workshop have a direct impact on the physical and mental health and work efficiency of indoor personnel. The main purpose of ventilation in factory building is to change the air temperature and improve the air quality through the ventilation of indoor and outdoor airflow, and to maintain a certain temperature and cleanliness in the human activity area, which is not only related to the ventilation rate, but also to a large extent with the indoor air flow pattern. In recent years, foreign scholars have done a lot of research on ventilation evaluation methods, and have defined the ventilation efficiency more scientifically. The ventilation index can be divided into two aspects: one is the ventilation capacity; Second, the ability of the system to remove pollutants. The ventilation of the industrial fan is to blow the indoor air through the air vent, doors and windows, resulting in negative pressure so that fresh air directly into the work area, and on the floor to form a layer of cooler fresh air diffusion. Industrial Fan ventilation is in the indoor air circulation, and outdoor air circulation exchange, and can blow away moisture, accelerate water vapor evaporation, and avoid cooling dehumidification method caused by the supply air temperature is too low to bring the feeling of blowing. If the traditional equipment is used for centralized air supply, the velocity of air supply or the height of air-conditioning may be too high, which will affect the discharge of pollutants and the comfort of working area. Industrial fans use top down to push the circulation air flow, the impact area can reach more than 1500 square meters, can avoid cooling other non-personnel heat source and save energy. Industrial fans, as a new type of ventilation mode in workshop, have been paid attention to by factories at home and abroad. Industrial fans have unique air distribution, can provide good ventilation and cooling, and effectively remove indoor pollutants, and has the obvious energy-saving effect.